Edora ; is a preferred international brand that based on quality and trust, Edoran’s vision is to provide stylish, robust and useful solutions to the entrance of all spaces.

Edora Inc. is the pioneer and innovative brand of revolving door and automatic door sector, Especially in Turkey and many countries,  preferred  brand that new and indigenous, allowing stylish and useful solutions at the entrance of all the places.

With its young dynamic and visionary team, it is rapidly progressing to become a successful business partner with its prestigious projects and companies based on quality and trust both at home and abroad.

We produce revolving doors with distinctive lines and details,with many optional features and all in different types designed by the Edora team.

We have strengthened our success as a brand with the careful work that all the revolving door types, automatic sliding door and hermetic door, from ordering stage to the technical service that it gives after installation stage.

We do have references in hotels, hospitals, hospital chains, university & public buildings and many prestigious office & housing ,we have more than 2000 projects in Turkey and abroad in since 7 years.

In addition, considering most important needs of today’s energy saving,If we think about the damage we give to the environment while producing energy,we are proud to be producing such a product that saves the energy, minimize the energy usage, maximize the air isolation and efficiency…

1979 Çekosan Steel Construction was established
It was founded by Ali Kazım Alpaslan (1942-1997), one of Turkey’s first aluminum chopping masters, to produce home accessories such as aluminum stairs and tables.
1982 Çekosan Steel Construction
Aluminum accessories, miter, tongs and screwdrivers have started to be produced in these years, due to the development of the aluminum industry.
1990 Bending Machine
Aluminum and iron profile bending machine and the first aluminum profile bending works started in Ankara.
1992 Revolving Door Manufacturing
Production of manual revolving doors covered with aluminum plate with curved sections ready for installation.
1995 Çekosan Bending
Increased awareness of revolving door manufacturing that bending operations have begun with the weighting of the entire aluminum profile with the end of accessory jobs.
2003 Çekosan Bending İvedik OSB
With the opening of the second workshop in the OIZ OSB, serial productions such as furniture accessories and automotive spare parts were started. Çekosan also, started to expand bending machine equment.
2007 Çekosan Engineering Ltd. Sti.
Request for revolving door and increase in serial production, due to the development of machine park Engineering Ltd. It is. Title was taken.
2009 Edora Revolving Door Systems
With the ending of the accessory business, the aluminum profile bending starts emphasis, with this way ıncreased awareness of revolving door manufacturing.
2011 First Export
With the ending of the accessory business, the aluminum profile bending starts emphasis, with this way ıncreased awareness of revolving door manufacturing.

Edora Automatic Door Systems Inc. TS-EN-ISO 9001-2015 Total Quality Management System Commits to production in line with the requirements.

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfactions

We provide support and advice to our customers in a spirit of partnership. Our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with the products and services we provide. In this context, we care about the needs of interested parties.


Every employee makes a significant contribution to the company’s profitability. We realize and guarantee the success of our company with committed and responsible employees. Our teams are completely customer and market oriented. The targeted personal development of the employees is based on cooperation.

Continuous Improvement

We continually improve our processes, operations and communications and adapt them regularly to the needs of our customers. We also endeavor to ensure energy efficiency, to continuously improve the ecology of our products and production facilities, and to make careful use of natural resources.

Product Quality

We want to offer products with maximum customer benefit that increase the success of our customers. This can only be achieved through appropriate processes in terms of development, production and service.

Environment and Society

Responsible and careful use of natural resources is one of our basic principles. We demonstrate our social responsibility with our commitment to social and cultural values.

Management and Responsibility

Each employee is supported by management levels in terms of quality, environment and energy in terms of independence and is equipped with all necessary information for this purpose. Each level of management is obliged to comply with the applicable rules.

Legislation and Conditions

We comply with legal regulations, rules and conditions that apply to us, such as customer and market requirements. We undertake to consider and provide the necessary resources for the protection and protection of the environment, the use of energy, energy efficiency and consumption in the development and production of our products.

Our Mission

Revolving doors are one of the most beautiful examples of the bending and rotation, We have been  combined with our 40 years of experience to produce the best response to the expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

Being recognized brand in the world market and in our country in the field of automatic door systems with innovative, responsible, principled and uncompromising qualities, also to increase the use and awareness of revolving doors that provide energy saving.

Quality Goals

  • To ensure that the necessary revisions and updates are carried out by reviewing the system in order to ensure the sustainability of the works related to ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System,
  • To measure customer satisfaction levels by organizing customer satisfaction surveys by the end of 2019 and to ensure customer satisfaction at least 85%,
  • Providing at least 8 hours of man / hour training in 2019 by giving importance to personnel training,
  • To increase our production capacity by 5% by the end of 2019,
  • To be able to stick to 85% of the deadlines given to customers,Ensuring that at least one social activity is carried out for the motivation of the personnel by the end of 2019,
  • Establishing a separate Quality Unit in the Organization Chart with emphasis on ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System studies,
  • To achieve at least 80% performance by performing Supplier Performance Evaluations until the end of 2019,
  • By the end of 2019, to ensure the employment of Quality Control Officer in the Production Planning Unit.

Modern Office Environment

Regular Meetings

Regular Production and Stocking

Careful Production Process

Modern Equipment

Regular and Thiny Controls

Maximum Sensitivity

Expert Staff