Manual revolving door models which can be produced as three or four wings in all dimensions between 1500 mm-3600 mm, operated by pushing manually.

According to their diameters, it is producible to entrance heights up to 3250 mm and canopy heights up to 1500 mm.

On average of 2500 mm 3 or 4 wings doors, 15-20 people can enter or exit per minute.

Details in the passage capacities table…


According to the need or demand,
As a security measure nigh shield,
The break-out system which can provide panic exits and increase the richness of use,
Air curtain  to obtain more efficiency in heat control and heat transmission,

Optional features can be added to enhance usage.

standard features
Wing Glasses: 4+4 Laminated Glass
Curved Glasses: 4+4 Laminated Glass
Brushes: 40 mm Horse hair brushes
Lighting: 4 pcs. 5W Led downlight
Color:Natural anodized /  RAL
Door Handles Horizontal: 32 mm stainless steel pipe
Glass Gasket: Epdm
Availibility to be turned into Automatic Door in future
Lock: Manual espagnolet
Passive Anti-Handjumming Gaskets
Mechanism: First quality bearing systems
Canopy: Aluminium profiles
Passage Height: 2200 mm
Roof: Aluminium sheet for indoor and outdoor
Ceiling: 12 pcs. Of 1,5mm thick aluminium sheets
Installation: On Finished Ground
optional features
• Passage Height in Different Dimensions• Card Pass System
• Canopy Height in Different Dimensions• Speed Control System
• Night Shield• Mirror Stainless Steel Cladding
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