Automatic and manual revolving door models with three or four wings. İt is producible in all dimensions between 1500 mm and 3200 mm.

According to their diameters, entry heights can be up to 3000 mm.

On average of 3000 mm 3 or 4 wings doors, 25-30 people can enter or exit per minute.

Details in the passage capacities table…

On all-glass automatic revolving doors; There are disabled button, emergency stop button, hand jamming sensors and radars at each entrance of the door as an standard.

The engine and automation are in the lower section (under ground) and are accessed via a cover. An aluminum mat can be used on it for a stylish look.

8 + 8 mm Lamine glass is used in ceiling area.

standard features
Rotation: Automatic & Manual
Emergency Stop Button: One for each entry and exit
Disabled Access Button: One for each entry and exit
Manual Usage: Availability to be used as manual
Radar: One for each entry and exit
Presence Sensor: One for each entry and exit
Heel Sensor: Standard
Anti-Handjamming Sensor: Standard for entry and exit
Curved Glasses: 4+4 mm Laminated Glass
Wing Glasses: 4+4 mm Laminated Glass
Lock: Manual espagnolet
Ceiling: 8+8 Laminated Glass
Mechanism: First quality bearing systems
Brushes: 40 mm Horse hair brushes
Lighting: 4 pcs. 5W Led downlight
Glass Gasket: Epdm
Canopy: Is located under the door
Color: Natural anodized /  RAL
Control Panel: With position switch
optional features
• Mirror Stainless Steel Cladding• Canopy Height in Different Dimensions
• Golden Mirror  Stainless Steel Cladding• Night Security Shield
• Bright Stainless Steel Cladding• Manual Lock + Switch
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