Multi revolving doors are models that has function with two wings and two vitrines that can be used both in the revolving door and the sliding door mode.

According to door diameters,it is producible to entrance heights are up to 2400 mm and minimum canopy height is 500 mm.

All of the safety sensors such as heel, curtain, anti-hand jamming sensors, presence sensor in the fixed and moving part, are used as standard in the multi revolving doors.

Details in the passage capacities table…

It is produced as standard in dimensions of 3600 mm – 4200 mm – 4500 mm – 4800 mm – 5400 mm.

105 persons can enter or exit at 4800 mm diameter multi revolving door per minute.

Details in the passage capacities table…


According to the need or demand;

Air curtain to obtain more efficiency in heat control and heat transmission,

Optional feature can be added to enhance usage.

standard features
Rotation: Automatic
Emergency Stop Button: One for each entry and exit
Disabled Access Button: One for each entry and exit
Active Anti-Handjamming Edge : Standard for entry and exit
Manual stop feature
Passive Anti-Handjamming Edge: Standard for entry and exit
Radar: Two for each entry and exit
Presence Sensor: One for each entry and exit
Heel Sensor: At the bottom of the wings
Curved Glasses: 4+4 mm Laminated Glass
Wing Glasses: 4+4 mm Laminated Glass
Lock: Manual espagnolet
Roof: Aluminium sheet for indoor and outdoor
Mechanism: First quality bearing systems
Brushes: 40 mm Horse hair brushes
Ceiling: 16 pcs. Of 1,5mm thick aluminium sheets
Glass Gaskets: Epdm
Canopy: Aluminium profiles
Color: Natural anodized /  RAL
Lighting: 8 pcs. 8W Led downlight
Control Panel: Digital Touchscreen
optional features
• Mirror Stainless Steel Cladding• Air Curtain
• Golden Mirror  Stainless Steel Cladding• Vertical Safety Sensor in Rotating Wings
• Bright Stainless Steel Cladding• Extra manual lock
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