This is an automatic door unit which can be opened or closed 90 degrees with th help of push or pull systems and can be applied as from entrance doors to interior doors.

The mechanism of ES90 operates very silent also it has an esthetic appearance.

ES90 operates in accordance with the building automation and acces control systems in different places like hotels, business centers, restaurants and hospitals. In any case of power failure the door can be used manually.

technical specifications
Dimensions: 580 x 60 x 60 mm
Weight: 3 Kg
Power Source: 110-230 V AC/50-60 Hz
Energy consumption: 75 W
Maximum wing weight: 125 Kg
Minimum wing weight: 650 mm
Maximum wing lenth: 1,100 mm
Maximum Opening Angle: 110°
Open Time: adjustable between 5-30 sec
Functions: Automatic, Low Energy, Push and Go
Working mods: Automatic, Manual, Door Open
Movement Delay: adjustable till 10 sec
Working ambient temperature:  from -15’ten  to +50’ye
Protection Class: IP 20
Acoustic Warning Alarm: Adjustable
Baterry: Option
Remote control: Option

Head mounting with guide rail

Door leaf mounting with guide rail

Door leaf mounting with rod

Head mounting with rod

head mounting with guide rail

Door leaf mounting with guide rail