The hermetic doors which may be used for the specific application areas such as sterile operating room, delivery room, intensive care unit where the sealing is very important are closed with full contact to the wall or the floor and meet the air tightness requirements.

Hermetic door mechanism and wings have a structural desighn as dust free, smooth, shaped by rounded surfaces and highly ergonomic as it should be in a complete sterile ambient.


power transfer
Motor: 1 high performance, heavy duty integrated encoder and reducer DC Motor
Power source: 160-260 V AC 50/60 Hz
Enerjy consumption: 50W-180W
Protection Class: IP 20
Capacity : 200 Kg Single Wing, 360 Kg Double Wing
Passage width: 900 mm – 2000 mm
Mechanism dimensions: 180 x 215 mm, Aluminium
Carrier Unit: 3 carrier units are used for each wing
Timing belt: Special design for maximum safety, durability and quiet operation
elektronic control
Operating temperature: -20°/ +60°
Location Selector: Digital, 6 user positions, touchscreen
User Locations: Auto, On, Incoming, Outgoing, Locked, Winter Mode
Application Settings: Opening Speed, Closing Speed, Open Time, Half Opening Distance, Opening Direction, Applicator Password,
User Password
Obstacle Recognition: The obstacle recognition feature is permanently active during opening and closing.
Test Button: For use after installation and adjustment
Energy-saving: Short braking distance saves energy by opening and closing the door in less time.
Software update: Available.
Interlocking: 2 doors can be operated as if they are connected to each other.
Reset : Possibility of restarting (reset) via position selector without opening the mechanism cover.
Compatibility : Can work together with any kind of burglar, fire alarm and access control systems.
Failure Notification: Fault notifications can be seen from the digital position selector screen.
Security : Line type infrared security photocell( ERS )
Curtain type 3D infrared security photocell( BEA VIO-ST )
Opening : Radar ( ERS )
(Opening+ Security)
: Radar and curtain type 3D infrared security photocell (BEA VIO-DT1 / BEA IXIO-DT1, energy-saving,
EN 16005)
Standard: 1 digital function selector
Optional: Battery set
: Fingerprint reader
: Remote control set
: WiFi card for iPhone control
: Password panel
: Card reader with password panel
: Card reader
: RS 485 connection for central computer control
: Hand proximity sensor